Friday, December 17, 2010

Did Jesus Heal With Marijuana? Was Moses High on the Mountain?

And to all a good night.
 I can't make this stuff up:
According to pot historian Chris Bennett's chapter on “Early/Ancient History” in Dr. Julie Holland's The Pot Book - 2010 Park Street Press - Jesus didn't smoke pot, he rubbed it on people in the form of medicinal holy oil. Archaeological evidence shows Mesopotamia had been rife with the stuff since the time of the Assyrians until 400 years after Jesus' death. Through a strange story of linguistics, being a Christian literally means 'a person with pot oil smeared over their face,' Bennett says.
The article continues:
The ancient Jews had a love-hate relationship with the tall, fragrant cane stalks of hemp, according to the original Old Testament. First Jehovah spoke to Moses through it, but later Jehovah rejected sacrifices with pot-infused oil because of its foreign roots. By the time of Jesus' birth, pot use was restricted to royalty, and Jewish priests like the Levites, Bennett says. There's no way to know who taught Jesus how to heal with pot oil, but there's a huge gap between Jesus' alleged virgin birth and the time he begins to minister. It's possible Jesus learned it from outlaw priests, Bennett speculates. Supplies would've come from traders along the Mediterranean coast. No one knows for sure.
I hope this story harshes no one's mellow.


  1. That's hilarious, if I had some pot I'd smoke it :)

    Sounds more like this dude is high though...does he present any evidence or is this pretty much just his THC-induced fantasy?

  2. Jesus did not use cannabis. The Bible proves that anointing oil did not contain cannabis. Read here.


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