Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wednesday Comedy: Michele Bachmann

Most everyone is by now aware of US presidential candidate Michele Bachmann's recent comments regarding the true significance of this year's America-affecting natural disasters (I don't what she thinks of those natural events that have occurred countless times elsewhere in the world):

Bachmann claims she was joking, but I don't believe she was. No, she was scoring cheap political points before a crowd that saw nothing wrong or inconsistent at all in her statements.

Evidently, Bachmann believes she can recognize divine messages and decipher them for us. I guess that's how it works: God strikes down a shitload of communities in the Atlantic and then up the US eastern seaboard because he wants to let one presidential candidate know that He thinks too many people are on welfare and social security.

It's all about Bachmann, after all. The Lawd communicates with her by decimating folks, and she delivers unto us the good news.

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