Monday, October 31, 2011

Season of the Kvetch

New posts here have been sparse lately because life has been hectic!
  • My dissertation prospectus went in last week. My director was pretty happy with it, so I have high hopes that it will get signed off. This will leave only the writing to be done for my doctoral degree.
  • Work has been a roller coaster. I've had plenty of tasks on my plate. Our company also recently had layoffs, which has most everyone here angry and nervous. Unfortunately, the situation in my company is not unlike that of many US defense contractors. We're all shrinking, as must happen when war draws down.
  • Teaching has kept me pretty busy also. I've taught pretty much the same course for 10 years (16 if you count my earlier experiences as a TA), yet I still have to work at it.
  • I saw The Bad Plus on Friday night. The show was truly excellent. The trio sounded great and they were right in front of me! My brothers enjoyed the performance, but my father did not, as expected. Dad likes standards. I'm glad he came, though, and I think he was glad too.

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