Wednesday, December 07, 2011

I May Have to Go to a Movie Theater (Wednesday Comedy)

I have not been in a movie theater since 2001, but The Three Stooges might bring me back. Seriously. I love the Stooges. Here's the trailer:

I do hope the movie includes a pie fight.

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  1. Oh, a wise guy, eh?

    I expect the movie to be painfully bad, but curiosity alone compels me to see it at some point (on video if not in the cinema). I confess that I laughed several times while watching the preview.

    The mere idea of the Three Stooges is enough to incline me to laughter. I believe that they have a special appeal for persons of erudition: we--those of us who find them funny--are made to laugh not only at their antics but at the same time at ourselves, for being amused by such lowly humor.


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