Monday, March 14, 2005

March Plods Along

After an extended absence -- over a month -- here I am back with a post.

It's been more than just a little busy at my primary job -- that is, my primary source of income. When it gets really busy like it has been, I realize clearly that I could take or leave my job. It holds verry little interest for me, at least in any sustained way. The deadlines are grueling, the pressure from my boss is unrelenting, fearful thoughts come and go of the company higher-ups suddenly realizing that my job function costs too much to maintain, the projects seem the same and their differences are not enough to arouse much passion in me, and on and on and on.

This must be what is called "ennui." Or, suddenly at 35 I am entering my mid-life crisis. One thing's for sure: I Can't Get No Satisfaction! I want to earn more money, I want more excitement, and I want more flexibility -- is this too much to ask?

Well, I am looking around for an opportunity -- a different job, a freelance gig, a business venture. Something will come along because I am going to make it come along.

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