Thursday, May 19, 2005

Rejected But Not Dejected

Hachai Publishing returned my UJAHS manuscript yesterday, rejected. They did say it was a "cute idea," but there was no substantive feedback beyond that. I'm disappointed and pessimistic about "Hannah's Moon."

On the up side, my weight is at 172.5 pounds. Of course my goal this week is 171, but it's nice to be under 175. Middlesex Community College offered me an English course to teach on Saturday mornings in the Fall. I think I'll take it.

I am very negative at work and about work. It's a sad state for me here. I am trying to manage the situation by using one of those "tips for success" books. The way I am going to use the book, though, is to develop a kind of workout plan: four weeks of eight principles that I'll try to execute well. In a few months, I hope to be much happier at work, be a better employee, more promotable and more secure.

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