Tuesday, January 01, 2008

You Say You Want a Resolution

Welcome to 2008. Yes, I have some concepts for how I want to behave this year:

  1. Eat clean; Exercise regularly (Physiological)
  2. Build a savings account through regular, automatic withdrawals (Safety)
  3. Help clean and maintain the house; Schedule quality time; Call my family and brothers every week (Belonging-Love)
  4. Improve the house; Keep “my” areas clean and organized (Self-esteem)
  5. Read Torah every day; Be creative; Reflect on myself less (Self-actualization)

I would call the concepts above “directives” rather than “resolutions” because they are open-ended and ongoing. It’s more like I’m trying to steer the ship than reach a destination.

I used Abraham Maslow’s famous hierarchy of needs to provide a structure for these directives, which are surprisingly home-based. I certainly have lofty goals and ideals I wish to reach – collect submittals for a book-length project, revise and get “Hannah’s Moon” published, draft an original APMP article, etc. – but perhaps I have realized that any so-called success I am to have will come from cultivating my self at home.

Maybe, as I approach 38 years old, I am getting beyond reducing myself to spiritual, material, or professional definitions. Maybe. Let’s go read some Torah.

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