Friday, March 12, 2010

Jewish to Atheist

Undoctrinate from Scott Lazes on Vimeo.
A short (and brilliant) film about the Jewish transition to Atheism.
When I "came out" as an Atheist, the most shocking thing to my shocked loved ones was that I now wrote out the "o" in "God" instead of the "G-d" I'd conscientiously done before. That "o" was the signal that I'd really rejected the idea.

I do the lowercase "g" too, but not always. It depends on the context.


  1. Shalmo3:08 PM

    Was the guy cutting the tree the one who became an atheist, or is this whole movie just sort of satire for something?

    You can't become Jewish to Atheist. You never stop being a Jew, and whether you choose to practice judaism or not does not change the fact that you will be judged by the divine tribunal when your end comes!

    Btw have you considered that there many be a possibility Jews have the gene for atheism? How else can Jews alone repeatedly score the highest percentages of atheism of any population?

  2. Shalmo,

    Connect the dots of the movie any way you like.

    I reject your assertion of what I can and cannot do with my identity. I also reject your assumption that some divine tribunal will prosecute me or anyone after death.

    That's the thing with theism. It's not just a belief in a God, but there's also a magic land above and grand court afterward. Oh, and don't ask for evidence because it all just seems logical and it might mean utter world chaos if it weren't true.

    No, I have not considered the possibility that Jews have a gene for atheism. I think you are making a rather wicked remark that tries to transform Jewish believers into a special class of human being, I presume an inferior class from your comment. Perhaps you can enlighten me on the science behind the atheism gene. It may just be intelligence.

    What the fuck is your deal, anyway? Are you a happy person? Successful? Angry? Resentful? Fish out of water?

  3. Shalmo3:24 PM

    relax I was making a joke :)

    I don't believe in Judaism

  4. Sorry, that sounded more hostile than intended.

    But really, what's your deal?

  5. Shalmo is a great puzzle. He has posted comments on my blog, too. I thought maybe his name was derived by anagram from "Shalom," but I think he is a Muslim.


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