Friday, November 12, 2010

Evidently, We Don't All Want to Just Get Along

When will next time be, ya think?

This is not a political blog, although I touch on political matters from time to time. American political discourse is exceedingly ugly right now, having reached strange and disturbing proportions.

Exhibit 1: Glenn Beck of Fox News on financier George Soros.

Exhibit 2: A Google search for "Obama" on Blogger sites:
"Barack Obama Verses Israel And Uncle Sam"

"Cantor promises to check Obama on Israel"

"More evidence that Obama is in over his head in foreign policy"

"Obama's Slave Ship"

"Obama And Pelosi Sitting In A Tree..... K.I.S.S.I.N.G"

"Can Obama Do For Big Business With Social Security What Clinton Delivered For Them With "Free" Trade?"

"Obama Team's Deficit Cutting Proposal: Benefit the Few, Harm the Many"
Exhibit 3: A Google search for "Palin" on Blogger sites:
"Some good signs for Palin"

"Governor Sarah Palin’s 'America By Heart' 16-City Book Tour Schedule"

"Top Palin advisor, Randy Scheunemann, on Soros payroll"

"Is Sarah Palin Right About Inflation?"
Exhibit 4: A Google search for "Cheney" on Blogger sites:
"Thank You, Dick Cheney, For Giving Me the Proper Words #p2 Go fuck yourself"

"Dick Cheney's role in Al Qaeda's Yemeni resurgence..."

"About the guy "Big Dick" Cheney shot"

"Dick Cheney Appears 'Gaunt and Frail' at Bakersfield Business Conference — Leftists Celebrate With Death Chants"
Fortunately, not all the post titles (and not all the articles) are what many of us would call "bat-shit insane," but plenty enough are. I know well that the nature of blogging is to sensationalize one's views and reactions to the world. That Glenn Beck report, however, is scary-awful with its fear-mongering, sinister implications, and dark presentation--this is from a major news outlet! 

People seem to take their anti-whatevers (anti-Obama, anti-Republican) seriously. I don't think the trend to extremist political discourse is going to wane, at least not until a violent incident of sufficient significance can be traced back directly to this discourse. I imagine some network will get its own Scott Amedure moment someday. This event seems inevitable. The only question is whether we'll all be too far gone for it to have any cathartic effect.

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