Monday, November 29, 2010

The Poem I Submitted

Life is poetic.

I recently did something that I have not done for many years: submitted a poem to a magazine. The poem is about Autumn and raking leaves. It's not a sentimental piece but rather a meditation on doing what we can in a world where things happen beyond our control.

I've never had great luck with submitting imaginative works for publication, but I think this poem is meaty enough to merit serious consideration. After all, I know more now about poetry than ever, so I was able to make the poem fairly rich in allusion and semantic possibilities.

I have kept a poetry journal for about 20 years, although I write poetry rather infrequently. Who knows, maybe one day I'll seek to get the poems published. Just for myself. Some of them aren't too bad. Most of them aren't very good.

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