Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Wednesday Comedy: Jews and Sea Creatures (Myq Kaplan)

This is a funny bit from Myq Kaplan, with animation from Greg Franklin.

The idea of mixing stand-up and imaginative animation is nothing new, and there's actually plenty of it around. I remember seeing it on Comedy Central once years ago, and then more recently for a bit by Mike Birbiglia.

Kaplan's interesting because he gives a good joke and then has nice follow-up remarks, like the "too soon?" after the pyramids in Egypt line. I like that because it comes off as unassuming yet wry.


  1. Greetings and thanks from Myq Kaplan.

    I appreciate the nice things you have said, but just wanted to correct one of them. While I am responsible for the words you hear, Greg Franklin is responsible for the animation itself. So the talent you have put all on me should really be divided amongst the both of us. Sorry for the confusion, and thanks again for enjoying!

  2. Myq,

    Thank you for the correction, which I'll make in my text.

  3. Amen to your header. Didju heer us? Lemme say it again. We’re still croak’n at some point, our indelible soul shall rise-up to meet our Maker. That’s a FACT - absolutely nuthin we can do bout that: our soul wants to be loved, nourished, enveloped. Now, Jesus doesn't have a sign on the outskirts of Heaven saying, 'Those who don't believe? C’est la guerre. C'mon in. Guess I wasn’t as forthright as Marvel Comix'. Be on the pro-LIFE-eration side, dude, don't be on the side which'll swiftly LET/LEAD you down. I’m a small 'peAce-de-resistance' of a Larger Picture: God’s side. God bless you with discernment.


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