Monday, September 19, 2011

Creationists Aren't Funny

Steve Fuller, a regular at Uncommon Descent (as an aside, UD's new site design is hideous), posts the following video to mark the release of a Richard Dawkins's book, The Magic of Reality:

This brief-yet-tedious video gets Dawkins all wrong, reducing his main argument to evolution as "chance plus time." The video also implies that Dawkins has no physical, empirical, or logical support for his argument--it's all and only "magic."

Fuller may not actually be a creationist--I have no idea and no care, actually--but he distorts and crows like one.

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  1. Anonymous10:58 PM

    (aside: I agree with you about the new look at UD. However, it has become primarily a propaganda site. I guess it is what a tabloid blog looks like).

    I have read some of Fuller's writings on philosophy of science (from before he switched to sociology). I was underwhelmed. His misunderstanding of science seems worse than what is typical among philosophers.

    He seems to have bought into the Feyerabend argument that religion, voodoo and other methodologies should all be allowed to have a crack at science. I am not sure whether he is a creationist -- his video is consistent with his view of opening up science to alternate methodologies.

    Ophelia has a writeup on Fuller over at her old site.


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