Sunday, September 25, 2011

Poll: Would You Worship a Flawed God?

Thanks to for helping me design this poll around something that's made me curious for a few years now.

I understand that to some people God is by definition all-good and all-powerful, etc. But think outside that box for a moment. What if God was actually a super-human, super-powerful being who made the Earth and its inhabitants?

That God would still demand worship and still be responsible for everything ascribed to him in the canonical Bible, so would praising and worshiping that being be an issue?

Would you still worship God if you learned incontrovertibly that he wasn't all-good or all-powerful?
 Yes. My God is my God.
 Yes. God is still my creator.
 Yes, but I am conflicted about it.
 No. What a disappointment.
 No. I'm really pissed at him too.
 Other. I'll explain in a comment. free polls 

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