Monday, April 30, 2012

No Apology Necessary

No need, really, to follow the Bible.
I'm a fan of this speech.

We can and should ignore the Bible when it justifies immoral, outdated behavior.

In fact, we shouldn't rely on the Bible at all for guidance--about anything. This point has been a common and persistent theme here: the Bible very often stinks in morality and values.

Of course, on some news outlets people are complaining that Savage was being hateful towards Christianity. Sorry, the Bible is firstly a Jewish thing. And the Bible is not all there is to Christianity, is there?

Savage's broad observation and criticism are dead-on: many people across religious sects and denominations already disregard some of the Bible's morality. Yet, on homosexuality, these same people decide the Bible is authoritative. They bend the Bible to fit some modern values, but they become perfect literalists when it comes to maintaining value-based opposition to homosexuality.

Folks, we no longer live in a world where the Bible is exempt from open criticism and disdain. It's not a good book. It's not a true book. It's not holy or sacred or authoritative. It's been superseded, and people are increasingly aware of its all-too-human fallibility.

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