Thursday, May 26, 2005

On Reaching Goals

Today is the day I am calling it, the day I am saying that I reached my goal.

This morning, I weighed in at 170 pounds. On Saturday and Sunday, I saw 169 on the scale, but I was also running heavily, so it’s not the same as today.

On Monday, March 21, I was up to 185.5. It was just before the trip to Arizona for Joyce’s wedding. I thought that trip would be the catalyst of a change. Here I am now, nine weeks later, more than 15 pounds lighter and getting stronger every week.

The real surprise, however, has been my diet. I remember those days of eating nothing all day or bringing just a Special K bar for mid-day. How foolish I acted.

Now, during the workday I have five mini-meals of good stuff: nuts, fruits, lean meats, whole grains, veggies, and more veggies.

Now, in the evening I have a sensible meal of something good. Last night it was chicken and veggies. The other night it was beans, brown basmati rice and ground turkey breast. Another night it was rib-eye steak.

Now, I read labels at the grocery store and better understand what I am feeding my body, and how to feed my body well.

I have light yogurt often. I love fruit smoothies. I have discovered chicken and peanut butter.

I have learned to make meals for the week. I have learned to shop at two stores and to save money on groceries.

I avoid sugary snacks, high sodium foods, sodas and other foodstuffs that just do nothing for me.

I have run a 5K race faster than I expected. I joined a running club and had the guts to go out with them. I have entered a July 4 race and started training.

I have moved up from the 8-minute toner tapes to a real dumbbell workout. I have increased my strength and endurance.

I have bought a real weight bench and a heart rate monitor. I have used my jump rope and punching bag.

I have been educated and encouraged by online support groups, tools, and articles.

I have seen new goals, new challenges, and new possibilities emerge. Not just in fitness and nutrition, but in everything.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Rejected But Not Dejected

Hachai Publishing returned my UJAHS manuscript yesterday, rejected. They did say it was a "cute idea," but there was no substantive feedback beyond that. I'm disappointed and pessimistic about "Hannah's Moon."

On the up side, my weight is at 172.5 pounds. Of course my goal this week is 171, but it's nice to be under 175. Middlesex Community College offered me an English course to teach on Saturday mornings in the Fall. I think I'll take it.

I am very negative at work and about work. It's a sad state for me here. I am trying to manage the situation by using one of those "tips for success" books. The way I am going to use the book, though, is to develop a kind of workout plan: four weeks of eight principles that I'll try to execute well. In a few months, I hope to be much happier at work, be a better employee, more promotable and more secure.

Monday, May 02, 2005

Picking Up the Pace

I am very happy to say that I completed my first-ever 5K road race on Sunday. My goal had been to finish under 36:10, but I smashed that time by finishing in 32:25.

I had a pace of 10:28 per mile. Since I liked being involved in the race, I think I’ll sign up for a 4th of July race. My goal now is to finish at 28:57 or better. That’s a 9:30 per mile pace.

Speaking of goals, my weight goal this week is 174 pounds. This will be a milestone for me if I can do it. I think it will truly signal that I have indeed changed my lifestyle.

My book-publishing goals are still in a sweet limbo. I haven’t heard back from Hachai, and it’s too early to get a message from Stunt. I am optimistic about Stunt and hopeful about Hachai.

Looks like I need a new car. The poor Mitsubishi has entered a dangerous state. Dangerous, that is, to me.

Let’s see what happens, as always.