Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Anticipation and Revision

I have already made several minor changes to "Uncle Josh and His Shmate" since this morning's post.

Revising is no surprise except I had already printed the cover letter to the publisher and a "final" version of the text.

I can't help revising, though. There's always a little tweak or modification to make. I am going to try like heck to leave the text alone. I know that the publisher will make suggestions, regardless of whether the text is accepted or not. I just need to trust that I have roughly the text I want and let the editor do her/his job.

Gosh, though, I really think the story will be accepted. I mean there's so much crap in children's books and other books. I think this is a fairly original and charming story. I just have to believe that the publisher will see its potential.

Of course, what will be more interesting than the text are the illustrations. I am very curious about how that process might work. Will they consult me? Will I work directly with an illustrator?

If I have my way, this is what I am thinking right now about the pictures:
1) Soft, dreamy figures
2) Plenty of color, especially earth tones
3) Peaceful, but tinged with an ever-so-slight sadness
What books am I thinking about that might approximate this threefold description? I don't know, maybe Sylvester and the Magic Pebble, for one. I don't want the pictures to be cartoonish. I prefer them to lean toward the impressionistic, and I want them saturated, populated. I want it to feel like we're in lovely woods, dark and deep. I want a more-real-than-reality version of a Jewish family kitchen. I want the unnamed boy's home to be simple yet impressive.

If I have the power to reject the art until I get what I am imagining, I'll do it. Not that I am a hard case. With me there are plenty of ways to succeed. I can offer lots of latitude and I see quickly when someone's come up with a better idea than I had. But I also know what I don't want, and I won't tolerate it -- insofar as my tolerance counts!

I am ready to mail out the work and see what the next stage is. Just gotta keep myself together!

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