Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Forty-Seven Percent

Very happy this morning to weigh in at 178 pounds. My target this week is 178.5, so I am ahead of the game. This puts me at nearly 47% of the way to my weight goal of 170 pounds.

With my diet getting stabilized, it's becoming more and more important to step up the intensity and duration of my workouts. While I have not figured out all of the details, I know I want to do abs every day. During the week, I want to focus on arms, legs, back and cardio. Weekends might be freewheeling time; I’ll do anything that comes to mind, or nothing.

One small setback: my back has been sore since Saturday. It started bothering me when I tried to force my daughter's new jogging stroller into the trunk of the Corolla. Stupid of me to jostle it aggressively like I did. I was overconfident in the toning that I had been doing. It’s almost fortunate that I have had a bit of a chest cold as well. Not working out yesterday was probably beneficial.

Time to get to work. I have a busy, stressful day ahead of me. Still, I fully intend to walk for 30 minutes in the afternoon. At almost halfway to my goal of 170 pounds by June 5, I expect the last 8 pounds to be tougher, especially the final 3.

Still anticipating April 29: the 3 week mark for when I sent out UJAHS to the publisher.

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