Friday, April 01, 2005

A Little Gushing

Well, I have to gush just a little bit. I am thrilled to have stayed three consecutive days at 181 pounds. After hovering around 184-185 for weeks, it's a nice change. And I do feel lighter. At least my tummy isn't constantly stretching the waistband of my pants. I have no intention of buying larger size pants, so I need to lose weight or else.

Unbelievable how hard it is to lose weight, though. The diet's been a surprisingly good part of the challenge. I have been eating small portions of healthy, healthy food -- fiber, fruit, whole grains, greens, and lean meats. Avoiding junk food and late night snacks takes constant vigilance. I have even started to exercise. This morning I did my 8-minute arms and tonight I'll do some 8-minute stretching. So, I know that I haven't done or lost anything just yet, but I am still motivated, so for that I'll give a big "Hullah!"

The motivation does not stop there, however. Because of the forecasted downpours this weekend, it might just be a good time to draft the children's books I have had rattling around. "Uncle Josh and the Schmata" and "Grammy, Grandad, and the Billy Goat" could some day appear on a Scholastic Book Club flier. Why not?

And then of course there is my self-help book, "Do What You Want." Not a great title, I know, but it's a start. Starts are always exciting and interesting. I personally have started many things and finished few. I ain't afraid to walk on after the honeymoon's over, that's for sure. It's also not a kind or helpful trait.

Speaking of kind, I was thinking about another book: "Profiles in Kindness." Yes, it's meant as a nod to Kennedy's (et al.) "Profiles in Courage," but with more emphasis on doing good things for people. Someone should write a book like this -- why not me?

While no one would mistake me for a kid anymore, I still generate the ideas and get the passions of my younger self. Even if I cannot shed weight, run around, or indulge in slightly-less-than-kind mischief as I once did, I can still muster up the better part of my youth and strength. Only on occasion, though.

That's cool with me. One thing I don't now do too much of is dwell on the negative aspects of things. I am a pessimistic optimist -- which still ain't a realist -- so keeping my life moderately light at all times is what I am after. Consciously and subconsciously, this is what I do, I think. Perhaps it has taken awhile, but I have realized and accepted it. Whoever or whatever I once thought I was, the truth of the moment is winning out in me.

Started out gushing, wound up reflecting. Same as ever.

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