Friday, January 13, 2012

NFL Playoff Predictions, Divisional Round (2011 Season)

In a world of uncertainty and moral depravity, I'm your best bet for wagering on the NFL.
Rabbi Itzalok has again huddled with the Divine One to predict the outcome of this coming weekend's National Football League divisional playoff games.

He reminds you that he alone picked anointed Tebow's Broncos to crush the fedora-wearin', aggravated assaultin' Steelers. 

Here are Rabbi I's picks for the next round:
  • Denver Broncos at New England Patriots. Hallelujah! Broncos shock the world and sacrifice a ram. They win 31-24.
  • New Orleans Saints at San Francisco 49ers. Barry Bonds shows up at the game to clobber Drew Brees. 'Niners 34-31.
  • Houston Texans at Baltimore Ravens. Who cares? Ravens by 10.
  • New York Giants at Green Bay Packers. Eli cries while Rodgers shows off his upgraded discount double-check dance. Pack, 41-24.

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