Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Interview Me! Debate Me!

I'm your huckleberry!
Readers here will have picked up that I like to argue and I like to talk (in writing more so than verbally.)

If you want someone whose interested in getting to the heart of the matter, rather than to the same, pat talking points we always get--then I am your huckleberry.

Leave a comment to this post if you want either to interview me or debate me. I'll email you back for details.

Come on, bring it!


  1. Dear Larry,
    I run a literary blog (in Dutch) and was wondering if you could help me laying my hands on a poem by WCW in which he talks about the world being symptomlous and why we should want to cure it, no problems and a construction error in the glass doesn't give us the right to talk about god. The quotes are a translation from dutch so they may appear jibberish. Greetings,

    August Tholen (

  2. Well, you are an atheist, you call yourself one.

    And you like to have people exchange thoughts with you about God -- no, you will say, you are not interested because you don't accept the existence of God, how about just the concept though?

    Also no? because you don't accept the existence of God therefore you need not have any concept of God?

    Let me try again.

    As an atheist what is your concern with God?

    I like to exchange thoughts with you and I hope we can go on together to find out what is your concern or no-concern with God or about God, or anything at all that is of any connection with God, that you can possibly if at all be interested in.

    You will tell me that you have nothing of any concern about God?

    Well, at least do you have any information at all about what is the concept of God in the Christian faith in His fundamental relation to the universe?

    I invite you to have an exchange of thoughts with me on that question.

    You see, you must have some information about God at all, specially in the Christian faith, because atheists address themselves to Christians.

    But I notice that atheists seem to be always shirking to come out with anything at all in an affirmative direction, instead they just keep insisting that they are not this and not that, and not believing in any gods, goddesses, deities, divinities, and of course not in Spaghetti, Unicorn, Sky Daddies, Tooth fairies, etc.

    Anyway, I am a Christian and I like to invite you to exchange thoughts with me, first and foremost, what you have for information on what is the concept of God in the Christian faith in His fundamental relation to the universe.

    You see, I find it always impossible at all to exchange thoughts with atheists, because they are always shirking to come out with something in an affirmative direction.

    Let us get together to talk and see whether you have anything at all in an affirmative direction.


  3. "Your comment will be visible after approval."

    Are you going to review my comment before letting it come out here?

    Well, that is not at all re-assuring that I can have a rewarding access to you in my attempt to exchange thoughts with you, because everytime that you feel that I am saying something that is sensible contrary to your thinking and feeling, you will just suppress it.

    So, that is the problem for people like myself with people like yourself who put such a filtering device in your blog or whatever you call your internet answer board.


  4. Mdejess/odareg,

    To block spam, I have all posts automatically moderated after about 10 days.

    I have read your post and have a difficult time figuring out what you want to discuss. I suggest you might want to respond to one of my other posts. The "Atheism/Religion" tag (see top of the page) will take you to posts where I comment on different matters, including different concepts of God. The "Alpha Course" tag covers my experience participating in a Christian educational series devoted to presenting the Christian God, or at least a certain brand of the Christian God.

    Start with these posts and feel free to comment. I hardly believe you think I'm going to be able to give you any information on your Christian God. What could I possibly say that you would find convincing?

    In any case, with Christianity I have always found God less interesting than the Church and the scholarship that tries to understand God/Jesus against the world. The gospels and the Pauline letters are, in my opinion, dreadfully boring. But I find the writing of, say, Augustine of Hippo good. I like the ecclesiastical history of England's Bede. I like the stories of Christian warriors, from Arthur to the Cid.

    So I would ask you to learn a little of what I actually know of the Christian God(s) and what I think of him/them. If you have questions of me, please be specific.

    So, I might ask you: name some scholars/Church authorities who you think speak authoritively on God and Christianity. What makes their works definitive for you?


Feel free to comment if you have something substantial and substantiated to say.